About us

Meet L'Improviste, where chef David Selen brings his passion for culinary creations to life. With his extensive experience and unique outlook on gastronomy, he has attracted a loyal group of guests over the years, while we are immensely grateful that even people not yet familiar with David's cuisine continue to find their way to L'Improviste. What began as a modest restaurant has now grown into one of the region's best-known gastronomic restaurants, located in a new location with a beautiful view of the Waregem Hippodrome racecourse, also home to the iconic Waregem Koerse, Waregem Draaft, and the HippoLoggia. L'Improviste recently underwent an exciting restyling, giving it an even fresher and more inviting look.

David Selen is all about surprise and adventure. This passionate chef is known for his talent for improvisation and his ability to surprise guests time and again with his innovative menus. He avoids routine and challenges himself by experimenting with a range of flavours and ingredients. In doing so, he responds to what is available on the market every day, so as a customer, you are rarely served the exact same menu twice: after all, it is renewed every fortnight and offers a variety of tasty dishes ranging from 4 to 7 courses.

Alongside his culinary adventures, chef David Selen has had a fascinating journey in the gastronomic world. He started his career as an apprentice and worked his way up to sous chef in renowned restaurants. However, he discovered his love of cooking while visiting his aunts' village restaurant, where the ever inquisitive David took his first steps in the kitchen. With the unconditional support of his family, he eventually opened his own restaurant, each time propelled by unbridled curiosity and the will to perform better each time, with a strong emphasis on total experience.


Chef David Selen is constantly looking for inspiration and new culinary experiences. He regularly visits other restaurants and visionary colleagues to come up with new ideas and surprising flavour combinations. In his kitchen, he harmoniously combines traditional techniques with modern cooking methods, where he likes to be inspired by seasonal produce. The result is unique dishes with which David not only wants to tickle the taste buds; he also wants to create the feeling that you are really away from home, to enjoy dishes that you might not be able to prepare quickly or easily in your own kitchen at home, in a cosy and relaxed environment.

At David Selen, it is not just about the culinary pleasures, but also a complete experience. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of wines, spirits and even its own brand of bubbles. Guests can opt for a standard wine pairing or indulge in the luxury wine pairing, where beautiful wines go perfectly with the dishes. So don't hesitate to drop by - whether for a business lunch or a romantic dinner!