At l'Improviste, everything is about sophistication and surprise. Our menu offers a harmonious interplay of flavours and textures, curated by chef David Selen and his talented team. We offer two unique menus: the l'Improviste menu and the David Selen menu. We also have a special lobster menu for lovers of this delicious delicacy.

Our menus are regularly updated to use seasonal ingredients and present you with new culinary delights every time. Whether you are an adventurous eater or have certain dietary requirements, we have something for everyone.

Discover our menus and be surprised by the creativity and craftsmanship of our chef.

Menu Truffe Melanospurum

From 12/01 till 10/02

Angus Grand Cru - Celeriac - Truffle Mayonnaise

Paris Mushrooms - Olive - Truffle, Lobster, Enoki. *

Carpaccio of Coquilles Saint Jacques from Dieppe - Gnocchi - Homemade Truffle Butter - Trompette de la Mort

Black legged chicken from Burgundy - Tagliatelle - Shiitake - Veal sweetbread - Truffle - Jus de volaille

Foie Gras - Truffle **

Risotto Arborio - Vanilla from Madagascar - Candied pear - Balsamic vinegar

Menu 4 courses € 95,00
Menu 5 courses * € 105,00
Menu 6 courses ** € 115,00