Our team

At l'Improviste, we have a talented and passionate team dedicated to delivering outstanding culinary experiences.
Our staff have a deep love for gastronomy and strive to prepare and present every dish to perfection.

Chef David Selen

Chef David Selen is the driving force behind l'Improviste. With his unparalleled creativity and passion for culinary art, he creates unique dishes that excite the senses and surprise guests every time. His expertise and experience in gastronomy make him a true taste master. Under our About Us tab, you can read all about him!

Chef David Selen
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The wait staff

Our friendly and professional serving staff will ensure that your visit to l'Improviste is unforgettable. With extensive knowledge of our menus and drink selections, they are happy to help you make the right choices and offer attentive and personal service.

The kitchen team

Our talented kitchen team works closely under chef David Selen to create delicious dishes every day. They combine classic cooking techniques with modern innovations and use only the best seasonal ingredients to ensure a flavoursome and refined experience.

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We are proud of our team and the passion with which they work to make your culinary journey at l'Improviste unforgettable.