Welcome to l'Improviste,

the culinary dining temple of experienced and passionate chef David Selen, who got there after an intriguing gastronomic journey. After the success of his previous restaurant, David Selen in Kortrijk, he decided to take on a new challenge and create a gourmet haven on top of the buildings of the Waregem Hippodrome. L'Improviste is not just another restaurant, it is a true culinary experience.

A journey through flavors and textures

With a breathtaking view of the horse racing track, l'Improviste enchants guests with a contemporary twist on both French and more exotic gastronomy. What began as a modest business has now become a renowned gourmet restaurant where diners are treated to a harmonious interplay of flavours and textures.

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Two menus - also for those who can't or won't eat everything

At l'Improviste, everything is about sophistication and surprise. The restaurant offers two unique menus: the l'Improviste menu and the David Selen menu. You can also choose the special lobster menu, which obviously focuses on one of the most delicious delicacies our seas have to offer.

- The l'Improviste menu is a journey of discovery through the best cuisines of the world, taking guests on a surprising interplay of flavors.

- The David Selen menu, in turn, is a tribute to luxury. The dishes are enriched with top products such as caviar and truffles. For true gourmets, the 7-course menu includes a platter of carefully selected cheeses and an additional appetizer.

- The lobster menu offers various lobster-based preparations. From traditional to unabashedly creative, lovers of the better products of our oceans are sure to get their money's worth with this menu!

- Do you have special preferences or do you want to stick to a specific diet? Then feel free to let us know in advance, as there is also more than enough to enjoy for vegetarians and others who prefer to abstain from certain ingredients!

Not just seasonal: new choices with every visit

Chef David Selen likes to let his creativity run wild and use seasonal ingredients. His menu changes every two weeks, so guests can experience new culinary delights every time. With his solid foundation in classic cuisine and his fascination with modern cooking techniques, David creates dishes that are both surprising and refined. His passion for culinary perfection is reflected in the impeccable presentation and balanced flavors of his dishes.

The perfect pairings

At l'Improviste, it's not just about the food, but the overall experience. The restaurant offers an extensive selection of wines, whiskeys and spirits to complete the culinary journey. The expert team is happy to help choose the perfect wine pairings and even offers a deluxe wine pairing for those who want to discover how the very best wines can add even more value to any dish.


Don't stop at just a visit

You can make reservations here, but feel free to follow us on our social media, where we regularly post fun news and promotions. That way you won't miss any of our special events and announcements!